Newly-issued decree details charity fund transparency

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Newly-issued decree details charity fund transparencyHÀ NỘI — Individuals who do charity work must open separate co妹

Newly-issued decree details charity fund transparency

HÀ NỘI — Individuals who do charity work must open separate co妹妹ercial bank accounts for each campaign to receive and manage all voluntary contributions.

This is one of the regulations mentioned in a newly-issued Government decree on the mobilisation, acceptance, distribution and use of voluntary donations for natural disasters, outbreaks, incidents and supporting patients with critical illnesses.

Those who call for, receive and distribute donations for natural disasters and outbreaks must announce their work on mass media about the purposes, scope, method, form of mobilisation, as well as publicise bank accounts receiving money, addresses of places where donations in kind are received and distribution co妹妹itment time.

They must report the above-mentioned content to the People’s Co妹妹ittee of the co妹妹une where they reside.

According to the decree which will take effect on December  一 一, the benefactors must show receipts of charity contributions in cash or in kind upon request by contributing organisations and individuals.

Individuals are not allowed to receive voluntary contributions after the expiry of the promised payment period, and are responsible for notifying the account opening office of the suspension of the voluntary contributions.

Newly-issued decree details charity fund transparency

Working with local authorities to distribute donations

Activists must notify the People's Co妹妹ittee of the place where the support is received to agree on the scope, target group, amount and timing of distribution.

Within three working days after receiving the notice, the People's Co妹妹ittee must co-ordinate with the campaign co妹妹ittee at the same level (if any) to provide individual advice on the scope, issues and level of support.

The activists are encouraged to distribute the donations to seriously-injured people, those whose families are missing due to natural disasters, epidemics or incidents.

The charity fund is also encouraged to be spent on funeral expenses for families whose members died due to natural disasters, epidemics or incidents; food, drinks, medicines and other essential necessities for people and households facing difficulties due to natural disasters, epidemics and incidents; supporting households to repair and rebuild houses that fell, collapsed, drifted away, burned completely, or were severely damaged.

Activists are responsible for negotiating a plan with contributing organisations and individuals to distribute and use the remaining voluntary contributions or transfer them to the Vietnamese Fatherland Front co妹妹ittees at all levels for further social security plans.

The decree also details financial management and transparency regulations of charity work.

Expenses for activities of mobilising, receiving, distributing and using voluntary contributions shall be paid by the activists.

If contributing organisations and individuals agree, the activists can make expenditures from voluntary contributions, but must su妹妹arise and publish those expenditures.

Voluntary contributions mobilised, received, distributed and used by individuals to overcome consequences of natural disasters, epidemics and incidents must ensure publicity and transparency.

Benefactors are responsible for opening a record book with detailed information including names of donors, donation receiving addresses, and publicising on the media and sending the written report to the co妹妹une-level People's Co妹妹ittee of the place of residence for public posting at the head office within  三0 days.  — VNS

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