10 College Majors that Didn't Exist in 1999

Check out these shiny new majors that took a few years to download.

As business environments evolve and technology advances, the skills and knowledge of the world's brightest must adapt as well. Hopefully, you're not reading this article on an old 1999 AOL dial up internet connection.

The path of the future, even just in the past 10 years, has dictated what we needed to know to survive and thrive in the real world. Colleges often lead the way in making sure the next generations are ready for just that.

If you're looking to study on the forefront of the next big thing, Fastweb has a list of them that might be for you:

1. New Media

2. Biotechnology

3. Organic Agriculture

4. Homeland Security

5. E-Business/E-Marketing

6. Computer Game Design

7. Forensic Accounting

8. Human Computer Interaction

9. Society and the Environment

10. Nanotechnology


(Source: "Ten Majors that Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago" | Fastweb)

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