10 Tips for Starting the Semester Off Right

Welcome back to the spring semester!

"You don't have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream." - Michael Dell

That relaxing break from classes, studying, exams, group projects and alarm clocks was GREAT. Unfortunately, if you want to graduate, you'll have to go back for the spring semester. Syllabus day is always the easiest day; but then what? You mean we still have almost four more months of classes before another long break?

Rather than just simply scraping by crawling towards the light of summer, start off on the right foot with these tips. It’s time to make mom and dad proud.

1.    Organize your notes - Don't be that student who relies on the textbook or cliffnotes to pass the class. Organize your notes by class and by date. It'll pay off when it comes time to study for midterms and finals.

2.    Sit in the front of the classroom - You don't need to be a teacher's pet, but sitting up front will allow you to be engaged in class conversations and limit the temptations of doing other things in the back of the lecture hall (texting or browsing Facebook).

3.    Join clubs related to your major - Not only is it a great networking tool, it's a great way to see if you actually enjoy your major outside of the classroom.

4.    Actually use the professor's office hours - They're there to help. Even if you need clarification on something you missed in class, the professor will be happy that you took the initiative to see them.

5.    Take a break every now and then - College can be one of the best times of your life. Although you're there to get an education, allow yourself to unwind and have fun every once in a while.

6.    Eat Healthy - Look good, feel good, and do well. Nothing is worse than trying to take a test with last night's tacos on the brain. Take advantage of these new-age health options, hit the gym, get enough sleep and your mind will take care of the rest. 

7.    Utilize campus quiet spaces - Dorms and other social areas can be distracting if you're actually trying to retain anything while studying. Now is the time to find quiet spots that work best for you. Are you a 2nd floor of the main library at noon person, or an English building at 7 p.m. person? 

8.    Manage your time wisely - Back to number five: You're there to learn. Don't overwhelm yourself, but also don't wait until the night before to do the semester-long project.

9.    Use tutoring centers - Your professor cannot be there to give you one-on-one instruction all the time. Use the college's student or faculty tutors for that individual help whenever you need it. Often times the tutor may be someone who took the same class already or maybe even had the same professor.

10. Get to know your professors - It's a lot tougher for them to fail you if they know your name and recognize your face. They will see you in their nightmares. Oh yeah and they're a wealth of knowledge in their profession - that helps too.

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(Source: "Top 10 Tips for Starting the Semester Off Right" | Onward State)

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