3 Podcasts to Listen to in College

Future anthropologists will mine the internet and find countless seconds of audio files called podcasts. They will add up to be much longer than a person's lifetime. These anthropologists will wonder why we burdened ourselves with so much information and how we consumed thought provoking content so consistently while working, studying and or socializing throughout the day.

Like a spoiled kid on his birthday, when you're inundated with so many toys you realize you don't have the time to play with them all, despite how entertaining and enlightening they may be.

College students are like those spoiled kids, and the Internets panoply and deep thinking podcasts are your toys. But with school and work, as well as just as entertaining suite-mates, floor-mates, and TV characters around you, you rarely have time to turn on a good podcast. We understand this conundrum, and in response have listed 3 top podcasts for college students, and then best time to listen to them. It is the Academbot Podcast Exercise Routine.

  1. This American Life is an extremely well known hour long NPR podcast that covers the type of stories in America that effect us all. It's created by fun, smart, young Americans who are known to play 90s rap instrumentals in the background.
    • Listen to half of it while you are taking a shower and getting dressed and the other half on your walk to your first class via the app. 
  2. Radiolab is for the deepest of thinkers. It features writers and academics from across the country who focus on specific themes, like fiction in professional wresting or how Charles Darwin inspired Emoticons.
    • Because the content is light and slow moving (and should incite profound dreams) we recommend you listen to a Radiolab segment before you go to sleep. 
  3. Uhh Yeah Dude is your mental break podcast. The calf raise workout equivalent. This comedic podcast runs for about an hour, and consists of two ridiculous friends chatting about ridiculous American news stories. 
    • Listen to this one throughout the day; in between classes, at the gym, at the library while mindlessly making flashcards, ect. 


There are tons of good podcasts, and while these are our college favorites, there are many that came close and we urge you to check them out. As long as you're learning and laughing every day. 

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