6 Bands That Started in College

Some were music majors, some were architecture majors, some just wanted to play some music. They were all colleges students and they all started world famous bands. 

  1. Coldplay- During freshman orientation a Greek and Latin Major named Chris Martin met an Astronomy major named Jonny Buckland at University College of London. Between ancient world studies and star gazing they met Will Champion and Guy Berryman and started the band Coldplay.
  2. MGMTWesleyan University is a 184 year old private liberal arts college in Middletown, Connecticut. In 2002 it was where Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden met and formed the psychedelic pop-rock band MGMT. “We weren’t trying to start a band,” Goldwasser likes to say, “We were just hanging out and showing each other music that we liked.”  The freshmen geared with different sounds before finding the highly unique electronically backed melodies that shine in hits like “Fated to Pretend”.
  3. Pink Floyd- Roger Waters, Nick Manson and Richard Wright met at the University of Westminster in London in the early 1960’s. They were all architecture majors but instead of building cottages they became one of the deepest, darkest, most dignified early psychedelic bands on earth.
  4. Dispatch- Before Dispatch no independent band had ever sold out Madison Square Garden—they did it three nights in a row. The members met at Middlebury College, a small liberal arts college in Vermont. They were one of the first college bands to be able to spread their music digitally (before Youtube, through Napster and Limewire). They were gigantic among college students far before any record label knew who they were.
  5. Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend is so college that they played at Columbia University Battle of the Bands. They didn’t win. They graduated, got day jobs, and then made enough music to catch the attention of The Shins. After touring with The Shins, blog and Youtube hype nested them a fan base that then demanded a debut album in 2008.
  6. Talking Heads- The core of Talking Heads are David Byrne, Chris Frantz, and Tina Weymouth. They all met at Rhode Island School of Design and never tried to do much else but play music. Front man David Byrne went to Maryland Institute College of Arts afterwards, but before any of them could graduate they ended up in New York and finally put out an album in 1977. They were giants in the late 70’s punk scene and stretched their talents close to funk with songs like Burning Down the House
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