The Best Apps to Get You Through Finals Week

There are countless distractions and obstacles during Finals week--luckily these apps just might help you overcome them!

Social media, roommates, dorm events and even you can be your worst enemy during finals week. 

These apps compiled by edtech digest are here to provide some focus and help you block out those pesky distractions when you might not always have the strongest will power.

  • StudyBlue: One word: Flashcards. If you are a flashcard fanatic looking to cut down on your carbon footprint, look no further. StudyBlue gives you the ability to produce and share online notecards with your classmates. It also has a search feature along with other study materials so that you can even keep up with any classes you might have missed!
  • WunderList: This app gets down to business and gets you organized. It creates all different kinds of lists for whatever project you may be working on. It is also shareable so when working with a group it makes it easy to track progress and collaborate.
  • BookTrack: Need an extra push to finish your reading for your Great Literature 101 class? This app provides a great incentive by creating a movie inspired soundtrack while you read. It is created in a way that is paced with your individual reading speed and can get you excited to start your novel escapade. It works with both ebooks and any other digital text.
  • GeniusScan: If your notebooks are starting to get a little overwhelming on your daily treks to and from the library, this app can lighten your load. It allows you to condense your physical notebook into a digital one. All you have to do is scan everything and anything you like and GenuisScan will redeliver them to you as PDFs and JPGs.
  • StudyBuddy: This app for those of you who find yourself at a loss of where your time really goes. For example, StudyBuddy can show you just how much time you really spend on social media versus how much time you thought you did.
  • SelfControl: Not willing to part with your social media all together during finals week but need to stay on track for your study session? This app lets you block your own access to just about anything that might be distracting. The way it works: set a time period (how long you need to be focused) and then compile of list of sites and/or other computer-based restrictions. This list will now be off limits until your timer buzzes! And there are no loopholes like restarting your computer or even deleting the application. You have no choice but to get down to business.

(Source: 7 Apps to Survive Finals Week I edtech digest)

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