Best Colleges to Escape Cold Winters

Why trudge through snow to get to class when sunshine could be around the corner?

Halloween decorations are going up, leaves are changing colors, and frost is creeping in on your car's morning windshield. We're in the midst of fall, but we all know what comes all too soon after that Halloween party -- cold and (depending on your geographic location) miserable winter. 

For some students, winter isn’t really winter without the cold and snow, but for just as many others, they want nothing of the sort.  If you’re moving away from home to further your education, you might as well enjoy some beautiful weather between classes.

For those who embrace warm temperatures, daily sunshine and a year-round tan, U.S. News put togther some great colleges out there for you.

Can you just feel youself getting tanner while everyone else shovels?

(Source: “Best Colleges to Avoid Winter” | U.S. News)

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