Best Majors for Future Lawyers

So you want to be a lawyer? *Dun, Dun*

Put down the gavel and stop memorizing statutes. Being a lawyer requires much more than the skill of persuasion or the ability to argue. There's a lot to learn and way before you even start to think about applying to law school or registering to take the LSAT exam, the first step is your undergrad major.

Surprisingly, there is no actual "pre-law" major. So what should you study to gain the skills relevant to a life in the courtroom and embody the "Law and Order" re-runs that you love so much?

Best Degree Programs has compiled a list of majors to get you started towards the law degree you aspire to have one day:  

1. History

2. Accounting/Finance

3. Business Administration

4. International Relations

5. Philosophy

6. Political Science

7. Linguistics

8. Interdisciplinary Studies

9. Computer Science

10. Engineering


(Source: "The Top 10 Best Degrees for Future Lawyers" | Best Degree Programs)

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