Colleges with the Best Spring Festivals

Check out the top colleges to attend when the snow melts and festival season begins!

Spring festivals are looked forward to every year at many colleges--these colleges, put together by HerCampus, are known to go big!

These festivities include, but are not limited to, huge music headliners and line ups, raves, parades, environmentally friendly activities, relays, Olympians and a whole lot of craziness.

  1. Ohio University - #Fest
  2. University of Texas at Austin – Round Up Weekend
  3. Drake University - Drake Relays
  4. Towson University – Tigerfest
  5. University of California, San Diago – Sun God Festival
  6. Iowa State University - VEISHEA
  7. Vanderbilt University – Rite of Spring Music Festival
  8. Duke University – LDOC
  9. Cornell University – Slope Day
  10. University of Southern California – Springfest


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(Source: The 10 Best College Spring Festivals I HerCampus)

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