Don’t Get Stuck in a Major that Makes You Miserable

Do you find yourself dreading every class you have…every semester? There is a way out!

There are so many people caught up in a major that they don't even enjoy. You're spending all that time in class and enormous amounts of money to take those classes – it’s important that you do something that makes you happy.

HerCampus has put together some of the tell tale signs that you are pursuing the wrong major. 

You’re failing and it's not the first time. You can’t wrap your head around the subject, nevermind just one class.  Or maybe it’s just too easy, so you're slacking off.  Either way, if there is a pattern of classes that just don’t spark your interest, it’s time to get out.

There are other subjects or classes you find interesting. Is that art class taking all your time away from your physics major core classes? You may need to think this through. If you think that subject is a dead end for marketability later in life, think again. You can always find a new angle: explore art management or other options with your advisor or career center as soon as possible!

(Source: 4 signs your major isn't right for you I HerCampus) 

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