Fake it ‘til you make it: Becoming a Morning Person

Happy and excited to rise and shine for an 8am lecture?….yeah, me neither.

We have been getting up for school all our lives, but when we go to college, free will is given to us to dictate our own bed times -very quickly, sleep patterns can become (quite) different.

Some nights it is that paper you completely forgot about, that party, those loud roommates, that charitable club you joined, or that group study cram session – whatever it may be - you are loosing some precious winks. Come morning, how are you going to will yourself to the class you dread on the amount of sleep your body regrets it never had?

Check out these tips from USA Today to make sure you don’t miss those morning classes or meetings, because lets be honest, you need all the help you can get to move yourself from that heavenly mattress.

  • Make a List: Know what you need to get done the next day by writing yourself a list of things you need to accomplish or get done. Understanding what you need to get done ahead of time can help give you a reminder of purpose to wake up in those wee morning hours.
  • Style your OOTD: Set it all out before hand so you know you will look fabulous. This also makes it easy to put on in the morning because you already know it has been pre-approved by your good taste. Also! Make sure you check the weather as fabulous and rain storm don’t prove well without an rain jaket.
  • Schedule Morning Meetings: Make it a habit. Early appointments may help prompt you out of bed (weekends too!) and keep your body on a schedule to get up in those precious morning hours. You will be reminded of how much more time you have in a day and how great it feels to get the important things done right away, so you can enjoy the rest of your day (and maybe even a nap).
  • Snooze it: Need a long time to even function in the morning? People have to shake you violently to pull you out of your sleep state? Make your first snooze start earlier. After an hour or so of snooze (some people may need more than an hour), it will help you get out of that deep sleep. Although you will be reluctant, an annoyingly loud snooze is a good way to go.
  • Let there be Light: I know many of us turn into vampires in the morning but turning on the lights when you get up can really get you moving.  The light actually gets our bodies moving quicker - it helps to get our biological clocks ticking.

So roll over sleeping beauty, there is a day to conquer. 

(Source: Never miss your 8am again: How to make yourself a morning person I USA Today) 

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