Four Things That Surprised Me About College

College is Full of Surprises

There are a lot of cliches about college. Even friends, family, and former students can give you false information.

Every school (and people's perceptions of them) are different. And sometimes people just flat out embellish (you know those people). 

Looking back on my time, from freshman to senior year (and that one extra semester), I can definitely say that I was surprised by a few things, and from the conversation I’ve had with other Academbot writers, they were surprised by these things too. So for everybodies sake, let’s put some of those platitudes to bed.

Four Things That Surprised Me About College

  1. It’s not like what parents said: We’ve already written a whole blog on this, but it’s worth writing about again. The “college” your parents experienced isn’t the same one you’ll experience. Teachers don’t really let you skip, parties don’t really pop up in random fields, and it’s not really easy to pick a major. Don’t let parents get your expectations up or stress you out.

  2. You can’t really “skip” class: This isn’t the 1970’s anymore--almost every class you take will have an attendance sheet. It’s lazy grade giving on their part (haha, yeah they’re the lazy ones!) but professors are now obsessed with making you come to every class. Personally I think it’s a little vain (like no one could possibly get a good grade if they miss a precious lecture).  

  3. Every school is not a “party” school: When you hear a school being called a “bar school” that means that you’ll get caught and punished for drinking under age on campus. As a result students will go to the bars instead. These schools aren’t the party schools you’ve heard of, and school security doesn't just “look the other way” at drinking. Be careful and make sure what kind of school you're going to. 

  4. People are super nice: As soon as you get to campus (after loading everything into your room) you'll realize that everyone is there to have a good time. People want to make friends, find something to do, and explore the world they’re going to be living in for the next four years. This adventurous feeling makes everyone happy and friendly, and they're also happy and friendly in order to find friends. Make sure you’re nice back.

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Those two words that strike fear is countless upon countless individuals…

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