Great Ways to Find a Part-Time Job

When you find yourself with too much free time and could use a little more cash in your pocket (who doesn’t) a part-time job might be a good idea.

Many first year college students have never had a job before and might not have had to even look for one while in high school. A part –time job, no matter what it is, proves to others that you can be trusted with responsibilities and be held to a higher standard in the work place than someone without any experience at all. If you are among the majority looking for that experience - here are some tips to finding a job to pad your pockets.

 Check around town. Head out with a few copies of your resume, your schedule, a business casual outfit, a go-getter attitude and you’d be surprised what you can find on foot. Sometimes a “Now Hiring” and a responsible looking face is all you need to make the job your own.

Check out the job boards. Each university or college normally has some type of part-time resource that lists jobs from the community, specifically for college students. It could be online or an actual physical board on campus. Ask around and find out where yours might be located. These lists usually consist of babysitting, lawn care duties, and other services that could work well with any class schedule.

Check with your career resource center. These people are the best because not only are they a great place to go when looking for a real full-time job in the future, but they are always there for you in the present as well! Ask them about places that might be currently higher college students or if even the university or college itself has any openings.  One of the best things they can recommend is if anyone or any department might need a tutor for a certain subject (Tutoring also looks great on a resume!)

Go it on your own! Don’t be afraid to try something by yourself. Take an interest or skill that you excel at and see how it could be marketed to your community. Possibly test out your idea with friends and family. Make a plan and network with the people who could be your potential customers. Who knows – your entrepreneurial venture might become your career!

One last word of advice – don’t ever rule out a part-time job only because you think it is beneath you. Many a millionaire has flipped a burger or packed a grocery bag.

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