Helpful Hints for University Commuter Students

Check out these tips for commuters, but not while driving!

While you may be envious of your friends that are living on campus, making the decision to commute to school can save you a ton of money on room and board. And while you might not be at school 24/7, you can still make efficient use of your time commuting to and from classes.

Unlike the typical college student who can roll out of bed five minutes before class, commuter students need to plan a little further in advance in order to keep themselves engaged, safe and on time.

In order to get you to class in tip-top shape, hhgregg put together some helpful easy-to-do steps that all commuter students should add to their routine. Check them out:

  • Be safe: Use a GPS, not your phone.
  • Keep track of time.
  • Stay entertained during your ride to class.
  • Protect your belongings.
  • Take advantage of on-campus programs and activities.
  • Keep a few “emergency” items in your car.
  • Use breaks between classes wisely.
  • Create an efficient study space with the right gear.


(Source: “Top 8 Tips for College Commuter Students" | hhgregg)



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