How to Guest Blog in College

Having something you wrote with your name attached to it on a website that you didn’t create is resume gold. I'm not talking about your personal blog (which can still be very impressive), I'm talking about guest blogging. 

Guest blogging shows initiative, skill, and business cunning. And although it seems like everyone’s doing it, trust me, it’ll still make you stand out.

The easiest thing for college students to write about is, of course, college. Using smart phone apps in college, going to parties in college, going on spring break in college. Just look at the advice pieces written by Academbot’s recent college grads. As long as it's well-written, clever and perceptive, you're ready to awe.

To help you take advantage of this unique perspective, we assembled the top websites that love having college students as guest bloggers. 

1. USA Today: CollegeWrite about everything from style in college to crime in college in this well regarded and increasingly cool and honest news source. 

2. HackCollegeGet a personal bio as a writer for this website that's all about making college simpler. If you have any clever hacks for studying, working out, or getting into the right classes then share them with the world through HackCollege. 

3. Her CampusPossibly one of the greatest digital havens for the average college female, Her Campus is a great site with artistic pop and up to date content. Of all the blog sites, you can tell this one's written directly by college girls.

4. Dorm Delicious: If you've ever hung a corkboard with old letters from friends or clippings from cool Rolling Stone covers attached to it and thought "my dorm room is awesome" then this is the website for you to share. If you love to decorate and organize--which is essential in college--then you are a perfect fit to guest blog for Dorm Delicious.  

5. College DietingThough suffering a bit from its name, this website is a good source for easy to follow college health and workout tips. Got any good ideas to add?

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