How to Survive the Countdown to Winter Break

The official countdown until the end of the semester has begun and the holiday season is on the horizon.


Balancing the need for December cheer and the dread of finals can be truly overwhelming.  You need a game plan that keeps your countdown to the merriest holidays, as well as your final semester GPA, intact. Here are a few things to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy while stressing about the end of the semester.

Get organized and make a list: Write out all you need to get done before now and break. Planners of some type whither it be a phone, computer calendar or even an old-fashioned paper planner – it will enable you to see the month as a whole. This makes it easier to keep in mind that break is coming, but also keep in perspective how much time you have to study and get things done.

Decorate your dorm room: Even though you wont be there for the holiday and new years, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start getting into the spirit sooner. Also, for some people, it may help remove a little of the doom and gloom finals can bring and remind them of what is around the corner.

Study with winter holiday tunes: Jam out to your favorite holiday songs while making flashcards or going over your notes.

Take a break to do something fun: Just because you are in college does not mean in the slightest that you are past a time for hot coco, snow angels, or snowball fights.  It is important to allow yourself a break so that you do not burn out during such a great time of the year. 

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