How to Tackle your Freshman Summer Reading List

You’ve got your classes all set for the fall and all you can thing about it how to live up your summer before your first year of college…..then a mysterious and utterly devastating email arrives – Dun Dun Dun - Your summer reading list and assignments!

Summer reading lists and assignments can be daunting but can be easily conquered with the right tools and mindset.

Before the tears of depression, moans of annoyance, or panic of doomed procrastination creep their way into your summer – here are some ways to deal with the summer reading list anxieties:

  • Pace your Reading – No matter what the length may be, it is important that you pace out your reading. You don’t want to start too early that you forget the whole thing by the time you get to class and you don’t want to start five days before you start class because submitting sloppy work won’t get you on the right foot for the semester ahead.
  • Check it out Before you Start – It is important to find a general summery or synopsis of the book – not to jump the book entirely mind you- but just to make sure you understand what the story is about and what themes could be present. It will also help you to take notes and give you a good idea about any of the assignments that coincides with the reading.
  •  Set Goals – Goals can be set for any amount of time. It could be that you want to read at least a chapter everyday or maybe two chapters a week depending on the length of your book and how skilled of a reader you may be. It is important to put these goals in place because it keeps you accountable and relaxed about when and how you will finish your book, list, or assignment.
  • Find your Own Motivation - Every time you complete a chapter, write a paragraph, or reach a goal - reward yourself. Do something that makes you happy and maximizes that summer you envisioned. Once you complete your daily or weekly goal is when you could hang with some friends, go for a swim, go for a run, or even see a movie.    
  • Give yourself Breaks – Don’t try and get everything done in one sitting. It is important that you really understand what you are reading and writing because more than likely it will be the focus of the beginning of your semester curriculum. Also giving yourself breaks will make the reading more bearable and less daunting.

(Source: How to Survive Summer Reading)

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