The iPhone 6: Your College Companion

The relationship between student and smartphone continues to be a huge part of the college experience.

Smartphones are the real deal these days. Gone are the "bricks" and "flip phones" that were only able to make calls and play "Snake." Cellphones are no longer just used for exclusively verbal communication--they are our connection to the real world around us, right now. Integrated into our everyday routines, they are task managers of our actual and virtual lives.

College life is no exception.

In an instant, you could receive an alert that class is canceled due to bad weather conditions or that you're about to miss a project due date. It can even guide your workouts to stave off the dreaded freshman fifteen (*shudder*).    

Here are some of the coolest reasons why the iPhone 6 could be your perfect college companion:

  • A Long Battery Life: You can stay up later and go out longer without worry that this companion will flake out on you. No more fretting about phone dying, missing your alarm, or depending on your roommate to wake you for that grueling 8 AM.
  • Great Camera: Your phone is the perfect portable college memory keeper. The new features include picture bursts on the front-facing camera so you can take that perfect selfie. In addition, an updated panorama feature should make your fall-time treks across campus look as picturesque as possible.
  • Convenient Wi-Fi Calling Feature: Forgot to call Mom back after class? You don’t realize until you reach the cellular dead zone on campus? No worries because this feature will let your use Wi-Fi to get it in touch and save you the nine million voicemails mom is destined to leave.
  • Extended Video Run-Time Battery Life: You won't need to scramble in the dark for your charger because you can run that Netflix marathon on your phone episode after episode, while your roommate sleeps soundly.
  • Faster Processing System: No need to depend on your study partner who probably didn’t read it either. Download the PDF you forgot to read before class with a little more speed and a little less panic.
  • New Apple Pay Feature: This new function takes away the need to fumble with cash or credit cards after you order that XL mocha latte. Your phone has got your cash (and caffeine) covered.
  • Durable Shell (Waterproof and Shatterproof): Your lifeline can now be as accident-prone as you are and will still be there for you when you need them most. Even after that super sweet party. 

There's truly a lot to love.

(Source: The iPhone 6 | Apple )

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