LGBT Greek Organizations

If you're not sure there's a Greek community out there for you, think again.

There is certainly a stigma associated with sororities and fraternities, which are often thought of as the stomping grounds for mean girls and fratastic bros. But in most cases, that perception is far from the truth, especially with these groups.

The LGBT sororities, fraternities--and even frarorities--listed below are all about support and acceptance and can make a huge impact on making your college experience something special.

Some of these are on college campuses, like Arizona State, Clark Atlanta and UC Santa Cruz, and others are not associated to any institutions. Check them out and find out what options might work best for you.

For Women

  • Alpha Lambda Zeta: Founded in Houston, TX and Atlanta, GA
  • Alpha Pi Delta Sorority, Inc: Founded in Dallas, TX
  • Gamma Rho Lambda: Founded at Arizona State University
  • Kappa Alpha Lambda: Founded at Clark Atlanta University
  • Omicron Epsilon Pi: Founded in Tallahassee, FL

For Men

For All Genders

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