Make A List and Check it Twice! Essentials to Pack for Going Home

Heading home for a much needed break from school? Don't forget to pack these essentials!

Whether it be Thanksgiving break, winter break,spring break - any break from college classes can be a moment to catch your breath and relax.

Don't ruin your holiday at home with family and friends by forgetting important items in your dorm room that you could have easily remembered by making a list. starts off with the things that could critically impact how much you can enjoy your break and that should be added to your list ASAP.

  • Laundry - Save time and money by doing your laundry at home. Your mom may even help you out in this department (Although, you may have to do a little smoozing).
  • Anything and everything needed to work on your homework - This includes any notes or textbooks that you may need for reference in order to finish that semester-long project that's due the first day back.
  • Your laptop/computer - Sometimes the no-brainers are the things we forget the most. You never know what you might need it for - if homework is not the primary use, then using it to login to Netflix may be a priority when your siblings hog the TV.
  • A USB flash drive - Back up your back ups. Leave no project left to your fragile computer memory.
  • Your cell phone and charger - Don't let your lifeline run on 1% while you are 100% on break time.
  • Seasonal clothes to swap - Change out your fall attire for your winter clothes and gloves, because otherwise some blue fingers may be in your future.
  • A nice outfit - You never know if you might get that surprise interview that you have been waiting for or Grandma needs christmas card pictures. It's better to be prepared.

With so much going on before you leave campus, it can be difficult and a little overwhelming to pack. So, before you board that train, plane, or bus - check these essential items off your list. 

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