Night Owl or Morning Dove: The Benefits of Your Study Style

Whether you study first thing in the morning, or late at night, both are great times to get the job done.  

There is so much research surrounding how we learn and study, from what music heightens brainpower to what foods could help you to more quickly recite a physics formula. Remember that despite all the research out there, it's most important to figure out what works for you personally.

A common question is what time of day is the best to study. Thankfully, examtime has put together the benefits of both so you can decide for yourself!

Benefits of studying during the daytime:

  • More energy: For many, the morning is when they can get things done. You have the highest amount of concentration to get down to business and put into perspective how to best complete your task.
  • It's already part of the norm: Society deems that most activities take place in the daytime, so studying during the morning won’t throw you off an existing schedule. A good night's rest will help you take charge of the day and keep you on a good sleep cycle when getting up for early morning exams.
  • Live references: During the day your professors and fellow students are available for consult. They are a great resource to use when you have questions or even need a study buddy. Sending out an email in the evening leaves a chance they won’t be getting back to you until the morning hours. This way you can play it safe and get the answer to question five on your study guide without pulling your hair out with worry until the next morning.
  • Easy on the eyes: Working during the day while there is natural light is much better for your eyes. 

Benefits of studying at night:

  • Quiet time: Night is often little calmer and a little quieter as many settle in after a long day. Many dorms even have enforced quiet hours at night so you don’t have to worry about any hooligans creating a ruckus. 
  • Alone time: Your favorite study spots have less of a likelihood of being occupied. In addition, the library is a little less crowded late night and it may give you the solitude you need to complete your last run through of those flashcards.
  • Fewer distractions: You will be separated from the people running around enjoying their post-exam freedom so you can continue to study in peace. 
  • Increased creativity: Your ability to have creative efficiency peaks during the nighttime. So if you are struggling to find a theme for your portfolio or project, you might want to try brainstorming at night to get you on the right track.

As stated before, the question of "day or night?" is not a one size fits all answer. It's what works best for you, right now!

(Source: What is the best time to study? I examtime)

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