The Scariest Haunted College Dorms

Many college campuses date back a hundred or more years. They've been home to thousands of students, and if there's anything we've learned about the typical ghost, it's that they like to haunt their old homes.

This may not seem freaky to you, probably because you don't believe in ghosts, but reports show that more than a few campuses feature haunted dorms, some with well-documented histories and decades of witnesses to a host of spooky, unexplained phenomenon. Here are some of the spookiest.


Wilson Hall, Ohio University, Athens, OH

You know that it’s gotta be more than “first time away from home” jitters when students are so scared of a dorm room that the university has to actually seal it off, but that’s exactly what happened in Wilson Hall at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

According to the Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Room 428 in Wilson Hall on the Ohio U campus had to be permanently sealed “after students reported objects flying off of shelves and smashing into walls, doors opening and closing, and sightings of the ghost of a student who once lived in room 428.” The room is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a female student who died while engaged in paranormal activity, and based on the dozens of reports filed on the room, her spirit doesn’t rest easy.

And you know what’s even spookier? Perhaps it's because Wilson Hall supposedly lies right in the center of Athens Ohio’s famed “Cemetery Pentagram,” a five-pointed star only visible on a map formed by linking up the cemeteries surrounding campus, but according to a post on Reddit by this frantic mother, the hauntings at Ohio University don’t seem to be letting up.


Clark Dorm, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY

Nobody knows why a football player (still wearing his uniform, according to witnesses) still haunts room 716 of the Clark Dorm Building. According to legend, the ghost has a cut near his eye that won’t stop bleeding and likes to roam the hallways showing it off. He’s even known to occasionally sit outside the dorm on the windowsill of Room 716, a sight guaranteed to spook even the toughest senior. Nobody knows who he is or why he still wanders the hall, but you wouldn’t catch us there on Halloween night!


Shelton Hall, Boston University, Boston, MA

What is it about the 4th floor of dorms and ghosts? We don’t have a clue, but maybe if you run into him, you can ask the ghost of playwright Eugene O’Neill who supposedly haunts the fourth floor of Boston University’s Shelton Hall. While dubbed “Shelton Hall” after Boston University purchased the building back in 1954, it was the Shelton Hotel only a year before when O’Neill passed away on the 4th floor during an extended stay that began in 1951. While reports are sketchy, it’s been said that the ghost of O’Neill often manifests as loud winds blowing underneath doors, weird sounds, and, in the words of David Zamojski, director of Residence Life at BU, “many a strange incident” over the years.


Stevens Hall, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA

Considering the carnage that took place at the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War, it perhaps should be no surprise that Gettysburg College, located near enough to the battlefield that at least one of its buildings was used as a hospital during the pivotal battle, has its share of hauntings. Reports range from sighting bloody scenes of Pennsylvania Hall’s time as a hospital, the “Lone Sentinel” who has been spotted standing guard on the roof of Penn Hall, and the “Blue Boy” who has been frequently spotted roaming the halls of the Stevens Hall dorm. Strangely enough, the ghost –said to appear as a small boy with a face blue from the cold—isn’t related to the Civil War at all. Instead, it’s said that he’s the ghost of a boy who died after being sent into the cold by the women who lived in the Hall at the time.


Old Kenyon Hall, Kenyon College, Gambier OH

In 1909, eight Kenyon College students died in a fire in Old Kenyon Hall when the dorm mysteriously caught fire after the biggest dance of the year. One more student suffered severe burns and died in the hospital not soon after. Old Kenyon Hall was an all-male dorm then, but there are rumors that several women died in the blaze as well. Considering that women spending the night in an all-men’s dorm would have been quite a scandal back then, these reports have never been verified. 

Since that awful night, the Hall has been plagued by numerous reports of ghostly activities including the mysterious appearance of a 1949 yearbook (open, of course, to a page memorializing the victims of the fire), ghostly figures suspended in mid-air, strange lights, patches of freezing-cold air, and even blood-curdling screams warning students to “get out!” 

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