Strange Halloween Traditions

Do you know why college's have the best traditions? Its becuase people our age make them up. They're usually a bit rebellious, always absurd, and fun enough to last decades. The ones made up around Halloween are also very strenge and creepy. Awesomely creepy. 


“Healy Howl” and The Exorcist Screening, Georgetown University

Perhaps two of the strangest Halloween traditions take place on the campus of Georgetown University in Washington, DC. The first is the “Healy Howl,” when undergraduates gather together outside of Healy Hall to howl at the Moon like wolves and, we’ve bet, work out some mid-semester anxiety.

The other tradition is a little creepier. Georgetown University’s own William Peter Blatty wrote and shot horror classic The Exorcist mostly in and around his alma mater’s campus. But if you thought that celebrating a film chronicling demonic possession might be frowned upon by the campus administration, you’d be wrong: the annual screening of the film in Gaston Hall has become a major event, including costumes, audience participation, and even tours of campus locations featured in the film.


Pumpkin Drop, MIT

“If a 5-kg pumpkin is tossed through a snowstorm such that it reaches the peak of its trajectory one meter above the roof of the Green Building, which is 90 meters tall, with what velocity does the pumpkin meet the ground in McDermott Court? How much time, in seconds, does the airborne pumpkin have to come to terms with its identity before landing? You may neglect wind, viscous drag, and the altered aerodynamics of cold, wet pumpkins for the sake of simplicity.”

Yes, only at a place like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could the above word problem be considered an uproarious joke. But it is, and that’s part of the charm of the annual MIT Pumpkin Drop, an event where MIT students drop pumpkins from the highest building on campus just to see them splatter on the ground. We guess you have to be there.


Halloween Concert & Costume Contest, Carleton College 

It gets pretty cold in Minnesota by the end of October, so rather than hang around outside, Carelton College students gather together at midnight in the suitably-Gothic Skinner Memorial Chapel for concert by the school’s orchestra and a wacky costume contest.


Wicked Woods, Texas A&M

For over a decade the Mu-Gamma Chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity have scared the living daylights out of Aggies (and other locals) by leading them through 15 minutes of terror in 5 acres of woods near the school. Beyond opening and closing times (8pm-2am, October 24th-27th and October 30th-November 1st), details are sketchy about what those venturing into the Wicked Woods experience, but we’re assured that it’s pretty scary…it’s gotta be, considering that Wicked Woods is billed as “the 5th largest Haunted Trail/House in the State of Texas.” Remember: we said “Texas.” That would probably make Wicked Woods the largest “Haunted Trail/House” in any other state, we’d bet.

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