Top 10 Majors with the Highest Starting Salaries

Find the college majors that pay off -- BIG!

On average, college graduates will earn more on average over a lifetime than non-graduates. Payout even after years of schooling, can vary. It is important to consider, especially when knowing more than you'd like to even comprehend will be going toward paying back the education you just recieved. 

All this in mind, don't forget to pick a major that keeps your interest. College physics or organic chemistry are not exactly subjects to pick on a whim beacuse the salary makes your eyes light up dollar signs.

If you have certain interests and are looking to make bank right out of college, USA Today has the majors you should ring up:

  1. Petroleum Engineering: $89,000
  2. Computer Science: $53,800
  3. Nursing: $53,300
  4. Applied Mathematics: $52,200
  5. Physics: $50,800
  6. Management Information Systems (MIS): $49,600
  7. Construction Management: $49,200
  8. Computer Information Systems (CIS): $49,000
  9. Mathematics & Statistics: $48,900
  10. Computer Programming: $48,000

*These salaries are averages derived from PayScale survey data.

It's no surprise that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) majors earn more as these degrees are consistently in high demand. It's no secret that higher levels of education correlate to higher salaries -- The lesson here? Kids, stay in school.


(Source: "Top 10 Highest Paying College Majors" | USA Today)

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