Top 10 Money Tips for College Freshmen

Typical broke college kid? You don’t have to be.

College can be expensive. Very expensive. But for many students, the cost is somewhat justifiable as a college education provides maximized earning potential in the future. So since your spending all that money, to make money, why not kick those old, silly habits that are killing your bank account, now?

We looked to Forbes to give us a run down on the most effective tips students can use their freshman year, to help responsibly manage their money in the long run. It's like class for your wallet. 

  1. Find a bank that works with your college situation.
  2. Keep your personal finances mobile.
  3. Credit is important, so use it responsibly.
  4. Be smart about recurring expenses like books.
  5. Ditch the car and use public transportation or ride sharing.
  6. Don’t take out more student loans than you need.
  7. Learn to start saving a little each month.
  8. Get a job, but a flexible one.
  9. Take the maximum classes possible to minimize time in college.
  10. Remember to network for your future career while in college.

(Source: “The Best Money Tips for College Freshmen” | Forbes) 

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