Top 10 Snowiest Colleges

Dreaming of a white college campus?

While lots of college campuses get a little snow, not all of them have to make it a way of life.

At these schools students can expect fresh powder all winter long. With help from, we have listed the snowiest college campuses ranked by annual average snowfall. 

Break out your puffy coat and winter boots folks, it's about to get real out there.

  1. Michigan Technological University | 200 inches per year 
  2. Syracuse University | 124 inches per year 
  3. University of Rochester | 99 inches per year 
  4. University at Buffalo | 94 inches per year 
  5. University of Minnesota Duluth  | 86 inches per year 
  6. University of Vermont | 81 inches per year 
  7. Southern New Hampshire University | 69 inches per year 
  8. Western Michigan University | 67 inches per year 
  9. Cornell University | 65 inches per year 
  10. University of Alaska Fairbanks  | 62 inches per year 

Source: The 10 Snowiest Colleges in the US |

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