Top 20 Rural Colleges

Want to go muddin' between classes?

For a lot of students, moving to the big city is part of their college dream.

But not everyone shares that same aspiration.

What if you’re from an urban area and looking for a change of scenery? Or what if you’ve always lived in a rural area and want to stay out in the sticks? Many colleges are located in highly populated areas, but not all of them.

WorldWideLearn has compiled a list of the top rural colleges and universities so you can keep that country feel while getting your education.

  1. Washington and Lee University
  2. Slippery Rock University
  3. Colby College
  4. Appalachian State University
  5. Middlebury College
  6. Plymouth State University
  7. University of Montana Western
  8. University of Idaho
  9. Southwestern University
  10. Southwest Minnesota State University
  11. University of Wisconsin Stout
  12. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  13. Longwood University
  14. Emory and Henry College
  15. Western New Mexico University
  16. University of Mississippi
  17. Shepherd University
  18. Frostburg State University
  19. Washington College
  20. University of Virginia’s College at Wise


(Source: “Top 20 Colleges and Universities Out in the Sticks” – WorldWideLearn)

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