The Top 5 College Resources You Should Be Using

Being a college student has more benefits than just the degree!

As you may know being a college student provides a ton of discounts: restaurants, gym memberships, and many other venues if you just ask or flash that ID.

What many students forget is that there are resources that are available to them at no charge at all, provided by their institution. USA Today compiled a list of some of the best. 

  • Clubs and Organizations: At many schools there are a ton of options and opportunities. Not only will these be great for your college life, but also a great for your resume. Most of the time they are free or have an affordable annual or monthly fee to join and take part. After college, easy access to these opportunities are few and far between.
  • Academic Advising and Career Resource Center: Your life changing decisions do not need to be made alone! These offices are in place to guide you through them. Not sure what major would really work for you or how to make your favorite hobby a marketable job skill? Visit the great people who will point you in the right direction free of charge. Already have a plan and are on your way out with a degree? These wonderful people also help with resumes and interviews. Set up an appointment and practice the real life skills you need to help get that job right out of school.
  • Intramural Sports: Join a sports team where--win or lose--the only thing on the line is how much fun you are having. It is only as competitive as they want to be and it is hard to find a league out of college that can offer the same benefits.
  • Student Unions: These are usually the central hub of everything college campus related. It is a place you can study, eat and relax. Check yours out for events and gatherings or maybe just for a day of writing that 20-page paper. It is a place built with you in mind. 
  • Fellow Students and Professors: Yes, we are talking about the people you come into contact with every day. Your fellow students and professors can be the best thing out there when it comes to connections. Everybody knows somebody and that somebody might be your next interview. Or maybe you have a professor that is working on some research that you would love to get involved in. Don’t be shy. See your classes an opportunity to learn and also network. Four years is a great span of time to build connection with a group of people that share a part of your life with on a daily basis.  

(Source: 5 campus resources you should use more often I USA Today)

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