Top 5 Reasons to Get an Internship in College

Classes AND Work?! It’s worth it. We promise.

While college can be the most fun of your life, it’s critical to remember one of the most important reasons why you're even there—giving yourself the opportunity to get your dream job. Between studying, classes, clubs and socializing, you already have a lot on your plate, why would you want to add a job in the mix?

Here's why as told by University Primetime:

  1. An internship is needed for most jobs.
  2. You could receive a paid internship.
  3. You could get credentials for an internship relating to your major.
  4. An unpaid internship could result in you getting a job offer later down the line.
  5. You may gain more knowledge (and will definitely gain more real-world experience) in your internship than in the classroom.

Surprisingly, you may even like it. An internship is an opportunity to try out a career path in your major before you actually graduate. Many organizations offer internships during the summer or winter months when students don’t have any classes. And if you do get an internship during the fall or spring semester, your company could even accommodate your class schedule.

(Source: “5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Internship” | University Primetime)

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