Top College Football Stadiums

Do you have your war paint and pom-poms ready?!

Huge crowds, small towns, tailgating, cheerleaders, marching bands and student sections are just a few of the reasons college football is part of the overall college experience. Campuses nationwide come to life at the end of every week as the teams battle it out on the field. Fans come dressed in their fighting colors and voices are lost in the roar of the stands.

There are countless ways to evaluate the "greatness" of a college's stadium when it comes to football season. Traditions, stadium amenities, home-field advantages, attendance numbers, and dangerous decibals coming from the bleacher seats. Where did your school end up on the National Football League's list of the top college football stadiums?

1. The Rose Bowl - University of California Los Angeles

2. Tiger Stadium - Louisiana State University

3. Husky Stadium - University of Washington

4. Kyle Field - Texas A&M University

5. Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon

6. Notre Dame Stadium - University of Notre Dame

7. Memorial Stadium - Clemson University

8. Ohio Stadium - Ohio State University

9. Sanford Stadium - University of Georgia

10. Michigan Stadium - University of Michigan

11. Michie Stadium - United States Military Academy

12. Memorial Stadium - University of Nebraska

13. Albertsons Stadium - Boise State University

14. Camp Randall - University of Wisconsin


(Source: "14 for '14: Best College Football Stadiums" | NFL)

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