Top Colleges with the Best Vegan Meal Plans

Dedicated vegan or vegetarian? 

You may be thinking that your only options for your future college dining plans are many, very sad looking salads.

Have no fear! – puts together a list of Top Ten Vegan Campuses  that are jumping up to meet the demand of vegan and vegetarian students’ bellies.

It is always imporant to keep your lifestyle, such as a limited diet, in mind when you look for schools to make the best choice.

Don’t be content pushing around lettuce leaves around your plate at a limited dining hall, enjoy a vegan friendly lunch with delicious pride at these schools:

  1. University of California San Diego  
  2. Wesleyan University
  3. Cornell University 
  4. University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) 
  5. Oberlin College 
  6. University of California Los Angeles 
  7. Northwestern University 
  8. University of Florida 
  9. Bastyr University
  10. University of North Texas 

Now that we've made you hungry, good luck picking a school to meet you diet needs! 

(Source: Top Ten Campuses for Vegans -

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