Top Colleges for the Dedicated Hipster

You were definitely doing cool, before it was cool. Find a university that reflects what you're all about.

Defined by mason jars, skinny jeans, flat brims, and organic fair trade espresso--the Hipster has taken center stage. Thick-rimmed glasses with deep cultural insights are finding a revival community that becomes a lifestyle.

If you're feeling out of the loop, Urban Dictionary has a colorful description of what a hipster can be. If you find yourself reading this and identifying with two or more of these characteristics, you, my friend, are indeed a hipster.

These schools have world class art programs of all types, exquisite writing programs, and classes that challenge the ordinary.

These are the universities that not only think outside the box, but throw the box away (in the recycling of course).

Compiled by CollegeMagazine, the list below features the schools that have been doing hipster even before you thought it was cool:

Would your school get *snaps* all around?


(Source: The 10 Most Hipster Campuses 2014 |

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