Top Colleges that Make Green the Goal

You should choose a college that believes clean energy is as important to the Earth as it is to you.

Clean energy and green technology lingo have become a standard of our generation.

We are very well acquainted with dangers of our carbon footprint and climate change. We also know that everybody and their mom should be all about renewable energy sources and recycled products.

Many college campuses are starting to make it their duty and responsibility to take part in the “going green” movement. They are doing everything from installing solar panels to limiting their own carbon emissions. Some campuses provide composting in their dining halls and reserve parking spots exclusively for carpool vehicles.

So if clean living is your passion and the Earth is your inspiration, here are the colleges that Popular Mechanics put together that want to join in!

  1. College of the Atlantic
  2. Warren Wilson College
  3. Evergreen State College
  4. Oberlin College
  5. Middlebury College
  6. Berea College
  7. University of California
  8. Harvard University
  9. Duke University
  10. California State University, Chico

Saving the planet--one college at a time!

(Source: "10 of The Greenest Colleges in America" I Popular Mechanics)

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