Top Schools for Sports Management

If it is one or multiple sports that hold your passion, but not as an athlete, this degree is a great way to make a career out of something you love.

As a culture, the United States is a great supporter of sports at any and every level. It is common to grow up watching sports on TV, live at stadiums or bleacher seats, participating in athletic competition, and sometimes even becoming a die-hard fan of a team in multiple arenas. If you find yourself the encyclopedia for your friend group, knowing what game is on, when it’s on, who is pinned to win, for any season - a sports management degree might just be the perfect path for you!

A degree in sports management has many applications and concentrations. It can be also applied to all different industries in the sports world. Check out what Forbes has to say about making the degree your career and lists these are your top choices to get started:

End note: This degree requires a great amount of networking and internships are key to hitting a home run!

(Source: Sports Industry 101: Breaking Into The Business of Sports I Forbes)

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