Top Travel Apps for the Perfect College Road Trip

A long road trip with friends sound like just the thing you need? Don’t forget to download these apps before you start your journey!

We are past the era of folded maps and highlighted routes. GPS and smartphones have made them obsolete. The Spectrum has put together a list of apps that could continue to make your road trip as safe, efficient, and fun as possible.

  • RoadNinja: If you are traveling a long distance with a group of friends, this is an app that could help you have an adventure without the potential stress of getting lost. The app is a great aid that gives you everything from real time gas prices, restaurants, and even points of interest at each exit. You and your friends can take a lunch break the right way and make the most of it. 
  • Popmoney: This app helps you figure out all those IOU’s along the highway. This way there isn’t any confusing ‘who owes who what’ for the hotel, gas, or food. It uses your friend’s email or phone number to pay one another on the spot.
  • GateGuru: If your road trip goes much further than a few hours on the roadway and a plane starts your journey instead, this app gives you the constant 411 on your flight status.  It provides you all the information you need on any airport you fly into or how to enjoy your five-hour layover with your friends.
  • Inrix Traffic: This app will save you from that crazy traffic jam that seemed to have come out of thin air. It has up to this minute real time updates of traffic patterns and movement. This app can save your road trip bliss and all your passengers’ sanity.
  • Spotify: Everyone knows you need a great soundtrack for a great road trip. On long drives radio goes in and out. This app will keep your tunes clear of static and on the tracks you personally request of your co-pilots 

(The Top 5 Apps for Traveling College Students this Holiday Season I The Spectrum) 

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