Use Linkedin to find a major—but don’t just pick one

Linkedin is a site young adults use to become something better.

They set a trajectory for their career, connect with valuable people in their field, and work on defining their mission in the business world. It’s a pretty sweet way to get where you wanna go after college.

Now Linkedin wants future and current college students to use Linkedin Edu

As more and more people get on Linkedin, the site is able to map out where all these people work, where they went to school, and what skills they developed to get their job. The idea is, if you want to be an Event Coordinator living in Portland, Oregon, Linkedin will tell you what schools will most effectively get you there.

But while you (the soon-to-be high school graduate) may feel mature enough to fill those shoes, I’m here to tell you to slow down.

Looking at all this data can lead to a healthy dose of aspiration—but deciding to plot your course this early is a poor movie.

What we suggest is that you look at all that’s possible, without making any decisions. Instead of finding one perfect career route, pick three different jobs that fall under three different majors. Actually, make it five. If you can.

This will not only help you find the right school, but it will equip you with a wide view of the professional landscape. By senior year you will have confidently narrowed those 3-5 options down to one—which is when you will work to define your badass business identity. 

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