What becomes of your High School friends when You go to College?

People like to say that “you find your people in college.” Well, many of us found them in high school and we don’t want to lose them.

In many ways high school friends feel like family. You know each other’s parents. You’re from the same town. You can remember each other with braces. This puts you and them in a very exclusive group that simply cannot accept more members.

So this begs the question, what happens to them now that you’re heading to different schools for four years? The drama will vary, but these following things will happen:

1. They will make new friends. Why will they make new friends? Because they will be miserable without any. The memories from high school will never be replaced, but memories equal in joy and fun will be made without you and you will make some without them. Jealously will get you nowhere in the years to come, and accepting the natural progression is the first step to realizing that you can never be replaced. Embrace their new friendships, and if possible, meet them and reveal embarrassing stories about your mutual pal.

2. They will do things they’ve never done before. This is because they never had the opportunity to. There was no film club, sorority, fraternity, or advanced political group in high school. If your friend has “changed” because you see a picture of her wearing a sorority shirt then don’t judge. People aren’t brainwashed in college. If there’s a part of them that is interested in Greek life, social activism or whatever, you have to accept them and appreciate their new look. Don’t believe the stereotype, believe in your friend.

3. They won’t call, text, or skype you as much as they could. You won’t either. We say this lot at Academobot: college is chaotic. Especially your first year. In between all your demanding courses and extracurricular engagements will be ubiquitous social allure. Do not hold your friends accountable and demand that they call you on certain days—simply let yourselves grow and trust that you will still be great friends. People don’t need to be reminded of who they love and are fond of, we don’t simply forget or replace memories; we are not cats.

4. They will be home for break, and it will be marvelous. This is when the fun really begins. Hugs will be given, classic jokes will come back into play, new stories will be told—a friendship will be given new life. As long you accept the inevitable changes and make the attempt to see them when they’re home (might not be when you’re home) then your high school friendship will never die.

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