Which College Football Programs Have Produced the Most NFL Pro Bowlers in the Last Decade?

College football produces the next generation of stars for the NFL.

"Every step, whether at high school or at college or at the NFL, I had to climb and crawl to get there." - Victor Cruz

Have you ever wondered where NFL players went to college? Unless it's a local all-star, it's hard to keep track of what school these monsterous NFL players started at.

Every year, the best of the best in the National Football League face off in the Pro Bowl. Although the rules and rosters have changed slightly in recent years, the talent never seems to waver.

Luckily, Bleacher Report did the math and has ranked the colleges who have produced the best professional football talent over the last ten years.

1. University of Miami - Hurricanes (58 players)

2. University of Tennesee - Volunteers (33 players)

3. University of California, Berkeley - Golden Bears (28 players)

T-4. University of Texas - Longhorns (26 players)

T-4. University of Georgia - Bulldogs (26 players)

6. University of Michigan - Wolverines (23 players)

7. Florida State University - Seminoles (22 players)

T-8. University of Southern California - Trojans (21 players)

T-8. University of North Carolina - Tar Heels (21 players)

T-10. North Carolina State University - Wolfpack (19 players)

T-10. University of Pittsburgh - Panthers (19 players)

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(Source: "Which College Programs Have Produced the Most NFL Pro Bowlers in Last 10 Years?" | Bleacher Report)

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