Writing Apps That Could Save Your Paper

 Don't get stuck in centuries past - write your paper with the help of these new apps!

No matter what kind of coursework you study throughout your collegiate career, at one point or another, you are going to be asked to write something.

To make the load a little lighter, USA Today has put together a list of sites and apps to get yourself out of the panic zone when it comes to the little things. 

  • Scribd  - This app is your go to digital library. It is your end all be all for over 500,000 titles. Scribd includes books, newspapers, journals, magazines and more.
  • EasyBib – Need to cite about 20 sources in 15 minutes and know next to nothing on MLA formatting? This site is going to be your hero. Easybib is a site where all you have to do is input all the data you have from the source and hit enter. The site generates the citation for either APA or MLA in a second. It’s always important to proof the citation produced but this site is known for keeping up with the latest style guide changes.
  • Noteability- This is the all in one app to get you your “A.” It can do just about anything to help your studying and learning style. It can record lectures and study sessions, edit and make notes in PDFs, and generally be the note-taking platform of your dreams. Don’t forget, this app also lets you send everything to the “cloud,” so you can access those notes you need for the pop quiz anywhere.
  • Hemingway – Feel like you might be writing too much in your own head? Check out this free app that is a basically a free 24/7 writing tutor avaliable to edit your work. It has a lot of features to pick from - just simply copy, paste, and watch it find your trouble areas and how to make that paper readable to the rest of the human race.
  • Evernote – For the writer on the go, Evernote is an app that let’s you jot down whatever comes to mind, at the moment it comes to you. You can store your notes as pictures, videos, text and whatever else floats your writing boat. 

(Source: "6 apps to help ease your writing woes" I USA Today)

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