Yes, You Should Do Theatre in College

Should I Join a Theatre Group in College?

Take it from a former college theatre geek, your school stage will most likely be the best and last stage you'll ever be on. 

After graduation, it’s all community theater and church ensembles, and who has the time for that? Nobody, that's who. 

But in college, not only do you and your friends have much more free time to practice, research, and subsume the traits of Othello or Blanch Dubois, you also have more fun doing it. I mean think about it, what better way to bond with friends than to create a masterful theatrical production from scratch? All the late nights. All the pouring of emotional expression. All the harsh lighting.


6 Reasons Why You Should Join a Theatre Group in College

  1. You'll have professional quality video of yourself performing (or of the set you worked on) to last you a lifetime. 
  2. You'll become extremely close with the cast and crew (watch out for the romances).  
  3. Your non-theatre friends can see your hidden talents live and in-person. 
  4. Perfomance gets your enorphins pumping like no other, giving you energy to study and socialize. 
  5. The afterparties are awsome. 


8 of the Top College Theatre Groups

  1. Arizona: Arizona State University

  2. Colorado: University of Northern Colorado

  3. Delaware: University of Delaware

  4. Illinois: DePaul University

  5. Ohio: University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

  6. South Carolina: College of Charleston

  7. Tennessee: University of Memphis

  8. Maryland: Towson University

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