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March Madness is in full swing. 


To get in the spirit we thought we'd give you the college rankings for the teams with the most wins--not just this season--but in history.


  1. University of Kentucky, Wildcasts - 2,111
  2. Kansas University, Jayhawks - 2,101
  3. University of North Carolina, Tar Heels - 2,090
  4. Duke University, Blue Devils - 2,001
  5. Syracuse University, Orange - 1,874
  6. Temple Univesity, Owls - 1,814

The transition into civilian life can be daunting. These schools are here to support you.

Post-traumatic stress, brain and other physical injuries are just some of the obstacles faced in the transition back into everyday life. Navigating through federal and educational departments is another.

If you're a vet, it's important that your school not only understands the gravity of what you've been through—physically and emotionally—but also how to utilize your military benefits.

What's the best way to enjoy the warm weather? 

A pool, duh.

With warm weather (slowly) coming back into our lives, summer activities are going to be on the top of your list. Hiking, the beach, picnics—all sound great. But there's nothing like taking a dip in a cool, sparkling pool.

And these schools, compiled by Campus Explorer, have the best of them. 

"Sports" is a major--who knew?

You can get your degree in sports and be wildly successful. Sounds like a win to us. 

With a degree in sports management you will become an expert in the entire business of sports. The programs typically cover the marketing, accounting, and economics of the industry. 

These colleges, compiled by xxx, will help you earn your sports management degree without ever leaving the house:

A college education is supposed to be more than books and tests—it's meant to prepare you for the ever changing "real world."

The "real world" isn't just in your small town or high school graduating class.

It's affected by people and events worldwide.

Which is why it's important to break out of your shell and expand your familiarity with people and cultures of all backgrounds.

Is your sensitive data safe with your college or university?

In light of the recent cyber security breaches at major U.S. universities, it's important that you are aware of the measures schools need to take in order to protect your data.

College students are especially vulnerable targets due to a short credit history.

For many of you, giving back means more than returning that DVD you borrowed.

It means going out into your community and making it better.

Colleges know how important that is to you and the people, places, and animals you help.

These schools, compiled by the Huffington Post, are at the forefront of community service and provide students with ample opportunity to keep it in their lives, while continuing their studies.

Not everybody who's heading to college gets pumped for raging frat parties.

One of the coolest things about college is that there are a ton of people who actual enjoy going to class. Mind. Blown.

And if that sounds like you, a party school probably isn't going to be your first choice. Luckily, Ultius compiled a list of schools that just might be.

If you think geek is chic, then check these out:

Whether you're all about tall, dark and handsome or the laid-back bro is more your type, there are enough of them to go around. 

College Prowler polled students around the country and pinned down the schools with the hottest guys.

Get ready to fill out 25 new college applications. 

Whether you're hoping to find a lady, or just like a nice view, the students have spoken: these colleges have the prettiest female students out there.

College Prowler took your word for it and ranked schools by the attractiveness of their female student population.

So bring on the charm and get ready for romancin', here are the top 25: 

Here are the colleges and universities that house the biggest brains.

According to Lumosity, these schools have the cream of the crop when it comes to smarts.

The first test of its kind, Lumosity gave over 60,000 college students games that challenged five cognitive areas: memory, processing speeds, flexibility, attention and problem solving. You might be surprised how they fared. 

It's important that your college or university has support and resources just for you.

These schools, compiled by Hillel, are the top destinations for Jewish students...

and it's not hard to see why. 

Hillel is a Jewish college organization that helps to foster students' commitment to Jewish life, learning and Isreal. It's the largest in the world and has centers in over 550 colleges. 

The college search is hard enough. Toss in a learning disability and it's easy to get overwhelmed.

To help you through it, we found Huffington Post's list of colleges and universities with well-regarded, specialized programs that help students with learning disabilities do well in school and beyond, without taking away the fun of the traditional college experience. 

Check them out: 

If you're worried about feeling accepted, this list is for you. 

Campus Pride and a team of national researchers assessed colleges around the country based on their LGBT policies, programs, and practices to compile a list of the most LGBT-Friendly campuses. 

You're entitled to feel that you're in a safe and supportive learning environment and we want to help find yours. 

Get your degree while meeting the love of your life. Pretty convenient. 

Once you start college, you have the benefit of a whole new dating scene. Unfortunately, there a lot of schools that aren't to a serious relationship. Luckily, there are plenty that are and we have proof. 

In the name of love, College Xpress polled students on the best colleges for romancin'.