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You may have heard people joke about “Underwater Basket Weaving” when discussing the kinds of crazy classes offered at some colleges.

But did you know that there a whole bunch of classes out there that you can take that are even nuttier than learning how to fabricate wicker containers while submerged?

Hard to believe, we know.

Check out these crazy classes, and you might find your ideal school:

We're going to bet that "Um...I like to dress up my cat" is not the answer they're looking for. 

Whether your heading to a college admissions interview or you're getting ready to beg for your first job, having this core question already in your pocket is ideal.

HerCampus put together some tips that will help you craft the perfect response:

How the heck are you supposed to afford gifts this year with zero dollars to your name? You're a college student for goodness sake.

Sometimes keeping an eye out for promotion codes or holiday sales isn't enough. 

So we compiled a list of budget-friendly gifts that won't make you look cheap.

Take anything on this list, spend some time wrapping it up, and you've got an awesome gift that didn't break the bank. 

Have you ever wondered to yourself “Hmmm, self…what could I do in my college classes in order to drive my professors into a frothing rage?”

If so, today’s your lucky day! Here are some hot tips for turning your mild mannered professor into a homicidal maniac (or at least get them to notice—and possibly fail—you).

It's almost finals week (eek!). Be prepared to knock it out of the park. 

Brave souls have survived finals week for hundreds of years. But that fact doesn't help when you realize your whole exam is one huge essay question on a topic you didn't study. US News & World Report put together a list that will not only help you avoid that terrifying situation, but give some insight into how you can make the best of it.

This Christmas, make sure Santa is hooking you up.

We know you have your eye on that sweet new game console or that absolutely chic handbag. And that's cool.

But keep a few rows on that list saved for some essentials.

If your family or friends are wondering what to get you, consider some of these ideas:

If you had a bad experience booking flights for Thanksgiving break, you're going to want to get it right the next time.

And with Winter Break right around the corner, now is the time to start.

We compiled some tips from FareCompare and the Huffington Post that will help keep the process as hassle-free as possible:

Dreaming about a quaint college town? You're in the right place. 

Your school's surroundings can have a big impact on your experience. After a couple years, you don't want to always be stuck on campus, so having a place you can explore is important. 

Most high school students thinking about going to college think that the “getting in” part is pretty simple: good grades plus high test scores plus a portfolio of impressive extracurricular activities equals admission.

After all, isn’t that what we’ve all been told?

Unfortunately it’s a lie.

OK. Maybe “lie” is a bit too harsh. All those things do matter when it comes to getting in to a highly selective college. It’s just that they don’t matter in the way you think they do.

Being a successful student could be easier than you think.

How do they do it? You know, that classmate that seems to dominate every class, but you still see them out on weekends? You might think they are some sort of genius-freak-extraordinaire (still a possibility), but its more likely that they just have productive routines.

CampusGrotto has exposed 12 habits that are the secret to success in college. Get out your note pad, you're going to want to write these down:

Don't waste your college application essay by using these no-no tactics.

You're beginning to work on college applications and their deadlines are right around the corner. Working under pressure can sometimes force you to cut corners and the last place you want to do that is your college application essay.

If buying all new pants wasn't included in your college plan, here are some tips for avoiding the Freshman 15.

Heading home for the holidays freshman year can be an eye-opening experience for your family. You're so mature, worldly, sophisticated, and...well...round. Adjusting to a new schedule can throw your health into a spiral all its own. Then toss in the cafeteria food, late night study snacks, lack of sleep, and the fact that the gym is just SO far away, and you feel pretty much doomed.

Sometimes being an outstanding student isn’t enough—or it just isn’t who you are.

Getting perfect grades, participating in extra-curricular activities, achieving super high SAT scores…all of these are great ways to impress college admissions, but they're just the basics.

And they surely aren't the only route to your dream school.

Community colleges are a great option for students who might not be ready for a four-year college – financially or personally.

In the past, "community college" carried a stigma – they’re for under-achievers, have under qualified professors, etc. But, if these myths ever had any truth to them, there’s no question they are totally false today.

In reality, community college is a great, often over-looked, option for many students.

According to the NY Fed, there are over 7 million people—over the age of 50—who are still paying off their student loans. That is not promising news.

(Source:  Student Loan Debt by Age Group | Federal Reserve Bank of New York)