Get advice. Make college epic.

Love 'em or hate 'em, group projects are a part of college.

A negative group project experience can make you ill at the thought. But, with a few tips and a little honesty, you can recover from bad-group-project, we promise. Or if you've been lucky enough to have only had amazing groups—bravo! We will want to make sure it stays that way.

HackCollege put together some steps that will keep your group on target and its members in check:

Don't hit submit until you've checked everything off the list.

After spending hours working on your application, it can be hard to tell when it's really, really ready. So before you close your laptop and leave it up to destiny, make sure you've considered everything.

Trust us, you don't want to wake up in a cold sweat, wondering if you misspelled your own name. 

Who are these people and what do you call that person standing at the front of your classroom?

Probably one of the biggest sources of anxiety (and the least openly talked about) is what to call the people who are teaching you. In high school you probably had it easy: “Mr.” for the men or “Mrs.,” “Ms.,” or “Miss” for the women. For the most part you could suss out what to call someone right away.

College is a bit different.

Ever wonder what college might be like in the future?

Ditto for lots of big-brained experts who spend a lot of their time thinking about that very question. So don’t worry: you can rest your brain and let the experts tell you what they think is going to happen:

These colleges will have your wallet running for cover. 

Breaking news: college is expensive. But just how much should you expect to shell out for your precious degree?

If you're dreaming about a college on this list, compiled by CampusGrotto, it will be a pretty penny. Here are the top 10 most expensive schools for 2012 - 2013: 

Considering the rapid rise of online education, you may be trying to figure out whether or not you should consider an online school.

After all, online offers a lot of advantages: it’s flexible, you don’t necessarily have to move out of the house, and many people enjoy being able to virtually “go to class” when they want, rather than having to adhere to a strict in-person schedule.

When criticism strikes, learn how to put the 'tude and tears aside and make the best of it. 

In college, people are going to stop babying you and give honest feedback, good or bad. Learning how to handle this can be hard, but it's important because once you're in the "real world," taking criticism is a daily exercise. And turns out, most of the time it's super helpful. 

Exams are supposed to be the scariest things in college—that's not the case at these schools.

Do you already miss Halloween? We sure do (our stomachs might argue since we're still chowing down on the chocolatey spoils). Either way, the suspense and excitement of a haunted college campus will keep you on your toes. 

These colleges, compiled by Listverse, are known for their eerie origins and ghostly visitors. Check them out, if you dare:

In the rush to check out all of your college options, it’s often easy to overlook the simple stuff, the “low hanging fruit.” And one of the lowest of all the low hanging fruits is getting into college as a legacy admission.

“Legacy admission” is the practice (most often followed by the upper tier “elite” schools) of admitting students based on the fact that their parent or parents graduated from the school.

Don't start packing just yet. Are you really ready to study abroad?

To many, spending an entire semester in another country sounds like a dream come true. You can see it now: studying at a chic café over espresso and then Instagramming artsy shots of the sun set against the foreign city skyline...sigh. But before you book the tickets, there are a quite few things you'll need to take into consideration.

You may have remembered the ever-essential, industrial size tub of cheeseballs, but you definitely forgot at least one of these.

The car is packed to the brim—clothes, bedding, decorations—there's no way you forgot anything. After all, you have planned for months, right? Well, turns out you have to overlook some essentials first to realize you should have added them the list. 

Studying's not easy. It's rewarding and important, but not easy. Nor is it really fun. But there is a bit of a whimsical feeling that comes with focused solitude and the challenging pursuit of knowledge. 

These feelings aren't really felt until you're in an actual library, late at night, pouring yourself over notes and writings. 

To get those academic inspiration juices flowing for finals week, close your eyes and picture your dream library. Or look at these:


Don't waste time (or dollar bills). Take classes that fit into your plans for the future.

We all try to get the most out of college. After all, you're spending big bucks just to be there. But, there are so many options for majors, courses, and programs that it's hard to get a grip on what's going to be important in the long run. 

With all the stress and hard work that come with the first year of college, it’s no wonder that most Freshmen see their two (or three...depending on meal plan) visits to the dining hall as the high point of their least at first.

Soon the joy of “all you can eat!” starts to fade and many students start to yearn for a home cooked meal or begin to turn to delivery in order to put some literal spice into their lives.

College Explorer projects that college students will spend $42.1 billion on food in 2013. Their projections also include:

  • Automotive ($17.5 billion);
  • Clothing and shoes ($13.1 billion);
  • Cellphone/smartphone ($9.8 billion);
  • Entertainment ($8.7 billion);
  • Technology ($8.6 billion);
  • Personal care products ($7.6 billion); and
  • Cosmetics ($4.9 billion).