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These U.S. colleges and universities provide the best education for computer science out there. 

According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, these 15 U.S. schools are some of the top providers of education in computer science, worldwide.

If you see football and think marching band, this list is for you.

College marching bands take team spirit to another level, especially the bands at these colleges compiled by Zen College Life. From traditional marching styles to music and drill designs all their own, the marching bands on this list dazzle fans on and off the field. 

These colleges provide a little luck and a little fun to get their students through finals week, happy and healthy. 

Finals week is stressful. These colleges and universities take pride in their traditions that keep students relaxed and remind them to smile. If finals are the bane of your existence, you might want to add these great schools to your list.

If you're passionate about environmental studies, you're going to want to add these schools to your list.

The colleges on this list are members of the Eco League, the only college consortium that allows students of one school to study at another school, giving them access to ecosystems throughout the United States and beyond. 

​If you're looking for a college with a backstory, you're in the right place.

Finding a school with access to cutting-edge technology and an education for the modern world is on everybody's mind. With these schools, you'll get all of that with a touch of history. 

Almost all of the schools listed here were founded before 1800 and are all still open today! Pretty wild. 

Check them out:

Sometimes a semester abroad just isn't enough. 

You can get a degree from a U.S. college or university, without stepping foot on U.S. soil. No lie.

These colleges, compiled by CollegeXpress, have branch campuses in countries around the world. That means a degree from a college or university you know, while living in another country. Pretty cool.

Check out these schools that offer opportunities to study in countries far and wide: 

Whether you're all about killer waves or just looking for a great tan, these beach-town colleges are your ticket to paradise. 

What could be better than stepping out of class right onto a sandy beach?

Where will you celebrate the most exciting time of the year?

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) go all out at their annual Homecoming celebrations. Alumni flock to their alma mater for sporting events, concerts, networking and just an all-out, good time.

These schools, compiled by The Minority Eye, are top-notch when it comes honoring this annual tradition and are worth adding to your list.  

Your heritage is important. And your education should support it. 

Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) are chartered by their respective tribal governments, including the ten tribes within the largest reservations in the United States. They engage with a variety of federal government agencies to support research and education programs that focus on issues such as climate change, sustainable agriculture, water quality, wildlife population dynamics and diabetes prevention. 

You're already saying good-bye to your friends, family and childhood home, must you leave your pet?

Not at these schools.

Many of the schools on this list, compiled by PawNation, go beyond letting you keep your furry friend in your dorm, often offering fostering programs, daycare, special housing options, pet-friendly campuses and even classes about pet care.

If you love animals, you'll love this list:

If you haven't had much luck with scholarships, don't give up just yet. 

These five scholarships compiled by definitely shake things up. 

These colleges and universities have entire centers dedicated to the pursuit of Asian Studies.

And if that's your calling you should add these schools, compiled by the Association of Asian Studies, to your list. 

As if the college search isn't challenging enough, what if you were home-schooled?

If your kitchen has also doubled as your classroom, college applications can be particularly challenging. Especially if your top choices aren't understanding of your situation.

Luckily, put together a list of colleges and universities who are known to be particularly accommodating to home-schoolers. Be sure to check these out. 

We know they want to make you smart, but what about healthy?

These 25 schools, compiled by Greatist, are committed to keeping you in shape and on track.

Their top-notch food, facilities, health services, and fitness options, amongst many other cool perks, landed them on this list. So if you absolutely need healthy dining options, or you turn into a complete monster without access to acupuncture, these schools deserve some serious consideration.  

Most teams have had a great season or two, but these organizations are in it for the long haul.

March Madness brings college basketball center stage. And it seems that everyone and their mother has a prediction about who's going to come out on top this year.  

To get in the spirit, here are the rankings for the NCAA Division I men's college teams, compiled by the NCAA's, that have the most wins—not just this season—but in history.